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“There have been such a huge number of people that have helped me get to where I am today – This has enabled me to be in a place where I am now able to give something back. Something which is very close to my heart, is being able to provide support to young athletes. Something that I never really had growing up, training, traveling and competing, but support, I know, can make a huge difference in obtaining goals and fulfilling potential” Nick Thorn x9 British National Champ, x3 European Champion, Surf Ironman, Open Ocean Swimmer, Surfer, Athlete.

The Nick Thorn Surf academy is dedicated to helping athletes who are focused, dedicated and hell bent on pushing their boundaries to the max. Nick runs several programs from 1:1 coaching to clinics and training workshops for groups. Performance coaching, including physic and nutritional advice for a range of athletes.

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Nick Thorn & Mike Culley Swimmers train all year round. Training in the pool gives you the basis for all swimming whether it be pool swimming, ocean swimming, triathlon or surfing, you’re going to get fast!

Improve your Performance

Your secret weapon to better swimming is stroke correction. Lap after lap is great for aerobic training but when you want to get faster you really need stroke improvement. Our Swimmers offers 2 small class sized clinics per week.

We offer a 12 week program at £78 per child.

These means we can have smaller groups separated into individual abilities.
£39 for 6 weeks professional coaching.

Please bring Swim fins, goggles and plenty of enthusiasm!




Board Paddling

The Rescue Board is a specialist piece of equipment that is used by Surf Life Savers and Lifeguards. This equipment is used as part of lifeguard training and as a rescue aid; the boards vary from light- weight racing boards to 12 handled rescue boards.

It is used in many forms, as rescue aids or racing boards. The board race involves paddling around a course of floating buoys and racing back to the beach using skill, fitness and technique to get ahead and stay ahead of the rest of the pack.

The Aims:

• Entry / Exit of Ocean
• Body Positioning / Body Movement
• Equipment
• Stamina – Long Distances / Short Bursts

The board is also used for board rescue races with swimming and two persons on a board racing back into the beach.

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Iron Man

This is a specialist sport which encompasses four different disciplines as one race. The disciplines are running, swimming, board paddling and ski paddling. As with triathlon racing the intervals are either a time gainer or a time loser. There is a skill in these change overs and with this course you will learn the techniques that I have during the years of my racing as a semi-professional Iron Man.

The Aims:

• to concentrate on staying with the pack on your weak legs
• the use of wash riding is advantageous
• When feeling stronger push up the pace of the race, especially on short course Iron Man races

There are two different types of Iron Man Racing – Endurance (long distance) and sprint format (short course).

Tip: The run and change over between each leg are good opportunities to gain time on your opposition.

This course involves classroom and practical exercises.

Other Areas covered:

• Paddling equipment (wing and flat paddles)
• Wetsuits and wind protection gear
• Diet and training programs

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Ski Paddling

The Ski is one of the fastest man paddled equipment that is used in surf and on rivers. This piece of equipment is a very specialised form of lifesaving and kayak racing equipment. The use of a double ended kayak paddle is used to move and accelerate your-self through the water.

Develop Skill:

• Equipment
• Entry / Exit of water
• Body positioning / Movement
• Paddling Techniques

The Aims:

Lean slightly forward, the arms should be straight with a flick up through the wrist, as the straightened
arm reaches the waist, knees should be close together (But not touching!) with pushing of the feet
on diagonal strokes.

The movement should be fluent, but adaptable to conditions. Lengthening of stroke helps chasing of
swell and runs, on the return to the beach.

Tip: Wash riding helps on rounding the ski cans.

This piece of equipment is used as part of Lifeguard training and Iron Man Triathlon.

The Ski is used by all ages, as they are made to measure for the individual.

As a level three Surf Life Saving instructor, board and ski competence courses can be provided for competing, developing and improving skills.

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Advanced Surfing with Nick Thorn

Develop Skill:

This course is for those surfers that can paddle confidently out to 3ft+ waves and have grasped the basics of surfing. Whether you are a young up and coming surfer looking to work on developing your technique and competition surfing, or your a seasoned surfer who wants to work on a specific area or just gain back lost confidence in the sea.

These sessions will be catered especially for you, your current surfing ability and the specific areas you want to work on.

Advanced Courses

• Take Off
• Position / Trimming
• Speed
• Surfing – Beach Breaks
• Surfing – Point Breaks

Critical Manoeuvres

• Bottom/Top Turns
• Floaters
• Snaps
• Tube riding


• Shortboard / Longboard
• Board Selection
• Step by Step guiding
• Video Analysis


Competition Surfing

• Waterman Skills
• Mental Preparation
• Wave Selection
• Fitness for Surf

Big Wave Surfing

• Timing Sets
• Paddling out
• Duck dives
• Overall Confidence


BOOKING HOTLINE   +44 (0) 1271 871337

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