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Lundy Swim 2009

September 09/09/2019 Nick undertook one of the biggest challenges of his life yet!

I grew up striving to be a professional athlete, competing at a high level  in swimming and surf life saving for many years. After retiring I wasn’t yet ready to pick up my pipe and slippers and so invented some challenges. Ive always loved Lundy so my focus turned there!

After not much thought I decided to swim from Lundy to Woolacombe for the Children’s Hospice South West.

It took over a year of training and nogatioting the second biggest tidel range in the World. As this swim was only completed by a Mr Husan in 1967 from Harland to Lundy according to folklore, for a  case of Ale and a pig (don’t quote me on the bounty for his success).

My training consisted of a build up, so that in the last few weeks I was covering the same amount of distance from Lundy to Woolacombe.

We decided that the 09/09/2009 would be our first date, the tides were the best. 10″3 to be precise (one of the biggest of the year). We figured this would be the best tide, as it was low at the mid day, giving us time to get out of Ilfracombe with the skipper, Chopper and his beloved Crazy the fishing boat.

As it turns out 09/09/2009 would indeed be the day we set off on this unknown mission.

Now only a fisherman (Chopper) of Lundy would understand the tides and currents around Lundy and the Bristol channel. The conditions were fare to moderate West South West winds dropping through the day.

I set off with this great respect of Ocean and a nervous feeling. Stopping every 20 mins I would contemplate the ever daunting feeling of being so small in such a wide open ocean. I watched the deep for so long. The only urge  I had for the first six miles was stop feeling sick!

We are but a spec of dust and all we can do is keep going (swimming in my case) quoted from the movie Nemo.

I did however make Woolacombe beach 6 hours 27 minutes later. With a great welcoming, completing an unforgettable challenge for an amazing cause Childrens Hospice South West


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