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Woolacombe winter wonder land!

When you live in Woolacombe all you hear about is how much snow everyone else is getting. This winter has seen a whole range of weather conditions. It was baking in the early summer months  of 2017 and then back in July the Northerly’s set in and brought autumn in early. I thought we might have some Septemeber sessions, but no we were wrong! No sun, no waves and no warmth. The wind blew and the rains came all the way through into January.

We have just been getting a few glimmers of spring in the air with lighter evenings, then the 50 year snow storm comes in from the continent with sub-zero conditons and blizzards. Water pipes froze and Woolacombe came to a stand still. The kids had three snow days off school and we wrapped up, went out and enjoyed the very rare conditons sledging, snowball fights, snowmen, hot toddies and log fires.

After 2 days of freezing condtions and trips to the neighbours to fill up water botles and showers in the local hotel, we managed to thaw out the water pipes and the water is now back on.

What a great expeience and now looking forward to heading out to Morocco in a week to run our annual Lifeguard course and Surf Coach award.


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