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Life is full of suprises.


This picture was taken when I was 17 years of age the day after I had had a car crash, written off my car and ended up in hospital. Luckily I still managed to compete the next day and I even won a few events!

It turns out that life is full of suprises and 2016 was no different. You seem to spend your whole time trying to do somthing diffent and make success. Its not easy running your own business and its quite suprising to how many people  seem to think you have no stresses and life is easy.

Yes, running your own business can have its benefits,  but when you have a house and kids then all this can change very quickly.  Food and bills v board or wetusit?! Tough desicions eh!?

Saying that I would not change running my own business and having the freedom to take time off or make on the spot changes and decisons.  Last year was a tough year for many businesses, including mine. But I managed to push what I have trained for for many years by running a Junior Lifeguard Program through schools. This is enabling me to do something I love but aslo offering life skills and water awarness to kids.

Now that 2017 is upon us, this could also be a tough year with brexit and possibly  many changes.

Here at Nick Thorn Surf Coaching we are looking forward to running Junior Lifeguard courses, surf lessons and Stand Up Paddle boarding around the North Devon coast.

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